Hurricane Harvey Recovery

KGEDC is committed to assisting our community as we recover from Hurricane Harvey. Surviving was the first step, now we must rebuild lives. We welcome volunteers in the South Houston/Brazoria County areas, especially those with pick-up trucks that can be utilized to distribute supplies as we receive them. Monetary donations are always needed and appreciated.

Please register to volunteer here on our site today. Please donate and feel free to share the donation link with your friends and family.

Thank you!

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Who We Are & Our Values

Kemetyu Global Economic Development Corporation (KGEDC) is a community and economic development organization based in Pearland, TX (Greater Houston area). We serve adults, youth, children, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We lead initiatives under our areas of interest that are focused on building up the community of African descent. We believe that in building ourselves up, we can be a part of the solution. Part of that solution is creating our own narrative which we can share with others with the aim to increase tolerance.
  • Family
  • Faith
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Safety

Our Areas of Interest

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

We promote and support the preservation, development, and distribution of the arts, culture, and entertainment of people of African descent.

Community Development & Safety

KGEDC implements initiatives that build the personal strength and character of individual and family affiliates. We also promote and encourage self defense through TaMeri Gun Club.

Community Works & Planning

KGEDC plans to build a mixed-use real estate development which will include housing (family, seniors, veterans), school, child care center, restaurants, business development center, office space, farm, stores, and public buildings from which we can deliver our programs and services.

Economic & Workforce Development

We provide services such as business development grants, technical assistance/training, business loans, capacity building services, and technology assistance to entrepreneurs. KGEDC will also work with HBCU's to provide internships to attending students.


KGEDC’s objective is to prepare people for economic success from the earliest age possible, to business ownership or employment. We provide educational resources for homeschooling and other educational options through our partners. We are also working on a school that will be part of TaMeri District.

International Affairs

KGEDC understands that for significant economic development there must be a global component. Through the International Affairs Council, KGEDC is connecting with Africa and the Diaspora to build relationships that can benefit us all.

The Problem That We Are Aiming To Alleviate

We can not totally close the gap, but we can do our part. KGEDC understands that the best way to build wealth is with a holistic approach. It includes education, health, socialization, access to resources, and exposure to the global world. Our areas of interest will enable us to provide services that assist those who are lacking some of all of what is needed to achieve the American dream.

In addition to building up our community, we also understand that we must build the respect of others for our community. To facilitate that process we spearhead initiatives that educate those outside of our community of our rich culture(s) and heritage. We wish to bridge the divide and increase the unity between all people.

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  • So Excited About TaMeri Gun Club.

    It is very important for us as Americans to learn how to defend ourselves and our property

    It is very important for us as Americans to learn how to defend ourselves and our property.  TaMeri Gun Club came at the right time to not only help us use firearms safely, but also to have fun with competitions and hunting activities. Valerie W. - TGC Member

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