We operate to help eliminate racism, xenophobia, classism, and sexism in America.

According to the United Nations, “for centuries, people of African descent living in the African Diaspora, were marginalized as part of the legacy of slavery and colonialism. There is a growing consensus that racism and racial discrimination have caused them to be relegated in many aspects of public life, they have suffered exclusion and poverty and are often “invisible” in official statistics. There has been progress but the situation persists, to varying degrees, in many parts of the world.”

Again, according to the United Nations, “The factors that lead to poverty among people of African descent are mainly structural. Discrimination is apparent in the unequal access these groups have to basic services. People of African descent are often disadvantaged, for example, in access to education, health-care, markets, loans and technology.”


We Work Together To Make The World a Better Place.

Our mission is "To empower Americans of African descent to shape their own future and enhance their overall quality of life by creating and facilitating a dynamic framework for growth and development.”

Our vision is “That people of African descent have full inclusion in society without racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance with all of the resources required to pursue the American dream and contribute to the overall economic and workforce development of the U.S.”





What We Do

We are a young organization trying to make our footprint in the sand.


Learning Through The Arts

Art and culture are windows to the world.  We use them as tools to create a more tolerant and unified community.  In addition, our signature event, Kanzi Fest, allows KGEDC to give honors, support

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Honoring Our Veterans

We are grateful to those who have served our country.  They make it possible for us to pursue the “American Dream.”  We honor local veterans at our annual festival, Kanzi fest, in Pearland, TX!

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Keeping Us Safe

KGEDC is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believes that Americans have the right to bear arms.  To that end, we have started a gun club, TaMeri Gun Club, to provide a space

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